“As seen on national news networks in 2017 Michael Clancy saved my life by winning my quadruple homicide case. Over a five year period he fought the government on every step and won”.

– “E.O.”

“I was found not guilty of murder in 2016 and it was because of Mr. Clancy.”

–  “T.B.”

“In September of 2013 I was found NOT GUILTY of a DOUBLE HOMICIDE. Mr. Clancy’s cross-examination of the co-defendants who testified against me was amazing and I am a free man today.”

– “B.B.”

“Before Mike Clancy represented me I was looking at over twenty years for a complex Mortgage Fraud in Federal Court. In the summer of 2013 I was sentenced and will do less than four years.

– “F.J.”

“Mike Clancy represented me on my fourth and fifth D.U.I. and I was looking at mandatory jail time. We went to trial on both cases and won. He saved my life.

– “E.F.”

“In 2010 the police searched my house with a warrant and I was charged with weapons and over ten pounds of marijuana. I hired Mr. Clancy and that was the best decision I ever made because after trial I was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. Mr. Clancy was amazing to watch work in the court room.”

– “G.G.”

“In 2004 I was indicted in a complex Federal Drug Conspiracy and originally sentenced to one thousand months in jail. After an appeal I obtained Michael F. Clancy as my lawyer and after fighting the Government on every issue I received seventy seven months and I am home working today. In my opinion no one gets that result but Mr. Clancy.”

– “K.B.”

“In 2007 my son was arrested for a Murder. At his Jury trial three people testified and identified my son as the shooter. Michael Clancy’s cross examination and performance at trial saved my son’s life. He was found NOT GUILTY and I now have my son back. Thanking Michael Clancy.”

– “L.D.”

“In 2008 the nightmare of being indicted by the Federal Government was a reality. I am a Chicago developer and was facing three to seven years in jail. Mike Clancy worked on my case day and night and I served one day in jail and two years on supervised release. Mike Clancy did a great job and me and my family cannot thank him enough.”

– “M.C.”